Sept: 3 - 9

DIY Week.

This week it's been all about work and crafting. I've been all on the DIY scene, wearing out my DIY shorts (pictured), rhinestoning my tops and jackets and setting up my custom-design-leggings-and-other-things shop. I've DIYed a charity shop find with cute little crosses and am wearing it out for the first time tomorrow. I got good feedback from Insta about it, so hopefully the real thing will too! I'm also on the way to the best rug ever. Yes. A rug... I found a load of carpet samples in my garage and stole them to do something with... I laid them all out on the floor in the best way possible, and am now sewing them all together... I can't WAIT to share pictures of it when it's done!
It is also 10 days until my holiday with my boyfriend to Tenerife, and I'm so over excited as most people who read my blog know, I've been dying for this for a while and I can't can't can't stop talking about it. I've already bought most of my holiday outfits... But next week I'm going a little last minute shopping! I might have to start packing so I don't wear anything I want. It always seems to be the only problem I get... Wearing things out before a holiday and then having to rush to wash and dry it to pack it up!
It's all excitement this week for me, as things are just getting better and better in my little world and I'm so over the moon about it. I got a job promotion at work and am officially full time and even better: as a Miss Selfridge Brand Specialist in my store! I got called into work on my day off to have a chat, and it was announced! I am so happy and excited to start my new job! In fact I'm heading over to Greenwich for the next three days for some Miss Selfridge related work so I am so excited for tomorrow... though a 6am wake up start is not my favourite.

Sorry about the rish-rushed unstructured post, but I must be off to bed now, because this early Cat has got to catch the train! Goodnight!

Looking forward to: The next 3 days, shopping with my man, the beginning of packing, finishing my technicoloured rug and a jam-packed week!



  1. hey hun thank u for your lovely comment on my blog. :) x

  2. I really like these shorts, well done on the job! :)

    The Style Rawr!

    1. Thanks so much! They are the coolest shorts, and I am uber happy about my job now! :) XO

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    1. Thanks! My summer ain't over until the cold kicks in and my holidays are over :) XO