Where Have You Been?

South London in fact. I've been off across the water to another store for work the last 3 days, and I have learnt an awful lot about the things to come in my new role at work and it's been quite exciting being out of the usual scene for a little while. Though it was quite discomforting and I felt a little (weirdly) work-sick from being out of my usual environment and around people I didn't know and an area I didn't know!
Today was my last day there though, and I'm back in my own store tomorrow so I'll be happy to go back for the last couple of days before my 2 weeks off! (SO excited.)

I'm a crappy picture taker on my days out recently. For anything really recently, and although I've been getting a little more creative lately, I have been lacking my passion for photography. Why is a question I'd love to ask, but as a result of this, I will be FINALLY developing my photos tomorrow where I can, and I'll be trying to take more photos on le iPhone to practise for my lovely time away after.

Here are the only moderately good snaps from today:

What I Wore Today - Topshop Oversized Tee (worn as dress) & Vintage Denim Jacket (hand-me-down)
The Louis Vuitton Selfridges Window 
Bicycle Advert On The Tube

OMG. That Louis Vuitton window in Selridges was amazing! (Yes, a little Oxford Street de-tour after work finished for some retail therapyyyy!) Inspired by the collaboration with Yayoi Kusama is "the BEST selling art-fashion union of all time, and has been repeatedly sold out" (I read and quote The Telegraph)! I can't help but feel that the polka dotted collection is a little Minnie Mouse inspired? Don't you? OH. How I'd LOVE the leather bracelets on the website and the collar but for over £600 a piece.... I don't love it that much. (Okay, I do but I don't make enough to have that to spare and spend happily.)

And that little bike ad on the tube, made me really think how great being on a bike is... And how much freedom it does really bring! I really miss riding a bike and I was so good at it...! Santa, for Christmas I want a bike with a little basket in front :)

Have you had a change of scenery lately?

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