Coated Cow Print

Coat - Topshop A/W 11
Jeans - Next Sale S/S 12
Boots * - French

Ok. So I've decided that my iPhone probably isn't the best for pictures. And probably when you've got the worst possible lighting it isn't either. Maybe just because it's winter you're never going to get the lighting you'd like since it's so dark and dreary outside all the time now. But now that it is winter I've pulled out this coat again. My trusty cow print coat that I bought in the Topshop sale last A/W. I really love this coat and always wanted a faux fur coat.
There are lots of other lovely ones out at the moment but I'm a one and only sort of gal with my types of coat and jacket, and I don't think I will be replacing this one until needs must. I have a mac, a posh coat, a faux fur coat, the chequered and PU bomber, and all I want now is a fur collars PU or a PU sleeved coat. I also did see a woman with the most amazing khaki coat with gold sequin sleeves from our local boutique which I still haven't yet figured out why I haven't visited since it is newly opened... But I might have to take a little visit very soon!

This is sure my favourite coat to date... I love it and it is very me. I'll be out in this all winter!
Do you have a favourite coat at all?

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