Oct: 1 - 7

Back To Work Week.

I have had the most workaholic crazy week ever this week. It's also been my first week back at work with my fresh start, and how much better than to start fresh with a brand new and exciting full time job. I'm really enjoying my job as Miss Selfridge Brand Specialist and it's really got me more passionate about my job and the things I do! I seriously didn't think I'd love my job as much as I would almost a year ago.
Apart from work I've been doing a lot of thinking about the rest of my fresh starts. Things like a massive clear out, doing things rather than just saying I'm going to do them and the way I go about things in life. I've been going through so many thoughts in my head and I guess with the whole full time job things, and being in an amazing relationship with my perfect man I'm starting to see clearly about the things that make me more mature, the things that hold me back and the things that could potentially bring me forward. It's really strange how at the end of this week I've put all my thoughts into perspective, and figured out that I want to reinvent myself in the best way possible. I love who I am now, but there's things I want to do better, and I've got an inexplicable drive in me that wants me to better myself at the moment! I just really wanted to share that thought out loud, or in writing...
In other events, I had a great Sunday with my family, we went out for dinner and arcade games and I ended the night with some laziness with the boyfriend. It's rare that my family go out for dinners so it was really nice to go and even better, to TGI Fridays. Can't get enough of those amazing JD Ribs... I haven't been up to much else this week or weekend. Though I spent a little on a new part for my car, finally getting my dodgy passenger seat fixed. Why are the damn things so expensive??

Looking forward to: the clear-out of the century, blogging properly again, finally putting up my mirror and getting back into routine!

P.S. Is there anything you want to see on my blog any time soon? Please suggest anything you'd like please, or email me if you fancy! ♥


  1. Really love the colour of that Gosh nail polish! And those socks are so adorable xx


  2. Love Instagram posts :D also absolutely adore that Gosh nail polish, it's so pretty :)

    Just stumbled across your blog through Instagram and i'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by and take a peel through mine :D



    1. Aww thanks! :)
      Thanks for following too! I'd love to take a look at yours too :D XO