Oct: 15 - 21


SO addicted. I think I might have broken my record for how much tea I can drink in a week as a couple of us started as little tea on break and lunches thing at work. But seriously... I don't think I'm the only one who looooves a cup of tea at least once everyday am I right? I blame boyfriend John :) I hardly drunk tea until he came along and swept me away!
I've had lots of little things going on this week, a curry date with my boyfriend, a trip to Frankie's and Benny's and Cinema to see Taken 2 with my boyfriend too (which I have to say is better than what the reviews say)! Today we spent watching the 2nd Lord of The Rings (OMG SO LONG) and I'm glad I've watched it now because although I hate to admit it I've been missing out as I've never watched it before! There's so much going on movie-wise recently and there will be two definite cinema dates next month for, SkyFall and Breaking Dawn Part 2. Yessss, I can't wait to watch the final one! :)
Going to attempt blogging a little more this week. I've been so unproductive in general. Needs fixing!
Not much else happened this week really. Boring 'mofo' right here! lulz.

Looking forward to: PAY DAY, Halloween event at work on Thursday, drinking more tea and watching the final Lord of The Rings.

Anyone got any films to recommend watching on the big screens?


  1. that toast looks amazing! great photos :)

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  2. Oh wow vanilla coke, I haven't seen this around in time! I really want to see Taken 2, so I think I will grab the boyfriend and go see it :) Good on you for watching Lord of the Rings, its crazy long I end up having to pause it a few times and go for a stroll round the house or I get a numb bum haha!

  3. Ooh, it's been a while since I drank vanilla coke! I also have a Halloween party to go to which I'm excited about, I love fancy dress! Are you dressing up?

  4. Maybe Looper? I really enjoyed that movie! I still need to see LOTR... it's atrocious that I still haven't seen them! x x