Oct: 22 - 28

Halloween Week.

Wow! This week has been manic! I've had so much going on that I can't actually believe it's Sunday already and I'm sitting here writing about my what seems to be short but full on week.
If you've read or seen my last outfit post you would have seen that Thursday I dressed up like an Evil Doll for Halloween going all out and wearing a tin foil and cardboard wind up key to state my doll factor! A lot of people said I was brave for wearing this out for work, but then again how far will some people go for charity... shaving legs, swimming across waters and what not. I decided to dress up and bake some cupcakes! Not so brave now? It was a thing going on throughout all Outfit stores so it was nice to know I was doing my bit to help raise money! And a lot of my cupcakes sold so I really felt good afterwards.

As well as that I spent Saturday night out-out! I haven't been out-out clubbing in a long long time, so it was great to get out and have a good time with my boyfriend and some friends! It was a birthday thing, and we went to Underworld in Camden, London. I'd never been so I didn't quite know what to expect but I sort of expected the indie-rock music that was going on and it was really good! But I prefer my dance-pop a little better. There was a LOT of people dressed up like all sorts for Halloween too, so it was fun seeing all the cool costumes. My favourite had to be a girl dressed as the corpse bride! I took the chance to dress up and go all Glam rather than Halloweeny and bought a whole new outfit which was really nice to do. I might have to slip back into it for an outfit post at some point this week because I loved it! But the last picture here is a peek at what I wore! It felt great dressing up and going out, definitely missed it.

Waking up with an ringing in my ears wasn't fun this morning though, and I don't know if I was at point of a hangover or not. I was exhausted and I couldn't deal with normal speaking levels so does that count as a hangover? I haven't had one for a while. I spent today tiding up a little bit and watching the final Lord of The Rings with the boyfriend. It was soooo nice to relax and watch something in peace and quiet. A perfect Sunday night in, as it has been for the last 3 Sundays running.

Looking forward to: a slowed down week, eBaying, relaxing and drinking tea.

Have you done anything for Halloween yet?