Inspiration In November

November? WOW. This came around TOO quickly... With the month 3 days in, I can already see what will be making my month... And here are a few little clues:


Tea, tea, and more tea | Ice cold weather | Being in bed all the time | Glittery seasonal nails | Cuddles in the cold

I don't think I have stopped drinking tea since it was just slightly getting colder... and with the first signs of ice, I'm hoping for early snow, lie ins, and cuddles with the boyf'. I am also proper in love with glittery polishes the last few days so I'll be getting into a lot more glitter polishes I think.

This month I think most posts will revolves around Christmas, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Wishlists and Winter clothing and make up... I'm sure you get my point? :P It is the centre event of the winter season! I haven't been around a lot lately but I will be a little more this month with the cold weather and saving up for Christmas and what not.

So! What are you going to be blogging about and what's going to be making your month?


  1. Those pictures are adorable. I like that turquoise nail varnish.

  2. Great inspiration, I can relate to everything! xxx