Nov: 12 - 18

Cold (but Christmassy) Week.
I am very much feeling the wintery weather this week. Wouldn't anyone else agree? I've finally experienced the first of the frosted windscreen, the first day I've frozen my poor little toes off for stupidly wearing pumps, and the first signs of my one and only winter cold I'll get (I luckily have a good immune system).
Me and the boyfriend attempted Christmas shopping today, I can finally say I've started because I bought one person's present. But we weren't feeling too great so we headed off home after an attempt to start shopping, and getting back my poor poor necklace that I've been missing for long from its repairs! Instead, we sat in bed all day, eating fatty foods and watching all sorts of TV and films. Just what we needed!
I also spent an evening this week popping a few things on my eBay to sell, it's not much amazing-ness but I did it anyway and if you fancy having a shop, please do! I think I want to see if there are a couple of other things to pop on there this week but for now, if you want to have a browse please do here!
OH! And did anyone see the amazing John Lewis advert on TV... It's probably the best Christmas ad since the Coca-Cola one... (The song is lovely too) Just sayin' - AND I want to buy something from John Lewis... JUST to have the bag with the snowmans on it!
Looking forward to: feeling better, trying to make a few pounds, getting christmassy and keeping cuddled up in this cold weather.

How have you been getting Christmassy?


  1. I love the song behind the advert! Gabrielle Aplin sings some lovely other songs too x x

  2. Love your jumper and I love that song! xo