Nov: 19 - 25

eBay Week.

This week I've gone a little eBay crazy and with their zero listing eBay weekend this weekend I took the chance to sell the brand new and unworn jewellery I've had on hand for months! (If you'd like to check my listsings they are >Here<!) I sold quite a bit this week and hopefully I get to sell the rest of my listings :)
eBay has also been a killer for me, as I keep finding amazing deals and watching them for present ideas, for amazing biddings on super-cheap items, and for 'cat-walk' like shoes that you've been dying to own for months and finally buying them for super-cheap. I don't think I'm the only one who loves eBay for this... Are you an eBay fanatic like me?
I seem to be in love with the nude colours this week... I don't know how or why but I guess when you wear black all day everyday a lighter colour makes you feel so much lighter both colour wise and in happiness, for it's a change. I've been walking around the house in my new shoes that came on Tuesday and wow, they are super-comfy! And I've also been wearing the nude and simple Nude Beige Models Own polish I picked up in More! Magazine this week. Do you sometimes think you wear a colour too much you have to wear a different one to make you feel better and fresher?
I haven't been around much online either apart from my eBaying, but I plan to blog a few posts I have planned this week... So you may see more of me! We shall see though... It's hard to blog when you have no where to take photos and your lighting sucks and you have a full time job and other things to do before you have time to blog! Ah, life. Crazy thing....

Looking forward to: Wearing my shoes Saturday for the Christmas party, finally deciding on a dress for the Christmas party and scheduling my posts for this week!


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  1. love that nail polish!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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