Nov: 5 - 11

Remembrance Weekend.

Did everyone do the 2 minutes silence at 11am this morning? I did. It's good to do it to respect all those who experienced, dealt with and/or fought in our past wars, and for those who have done and still are out there fight our battles now. I find that Remembrance Sunday is for all our troops past and present, for all those at-home heroes back in the day, and for some it's for that special someone in their life they remember particularly. They all gave theirs lives, their present and helped fight for our present and future. Remembering all of you ♥

Regular week in the life of Cat. And this week I say, was just like most other weeks. I did do a few fun things over the weekend like see Skyfall FINALLY with the boyfriend and yes, it was a great film! Couldn't believe how long it lasted but I didn't realise the time go by. So worth watching!
I also spent today with some friends, which I don't do very often. I went out to Starbucks and then for a Nandos (and got free half a chicken!) with some of the uni gals and then for a small bit of retail therapy. Well; Not for me! But it's still fun to window shop those things you love and get Christmas present ideas... It was also lovely seeing the girls and catching up. It's not often we get to catch each other all at once!
Apart from that I spent this evening having a good old pamper... You know, soak in the bath, face mask, the works. I really feel refreshed and ready to start a new week, and I've got a busy week ahead of me. All I need is a good nights sleep to top it off!

I feel like I've been a boring old sod. But! C'est la vie d'une travailleur à plein temps! (google translate it)

Looking forward to: my new blog posts this week (very #bblogger related!), getting through a visit mid-week, carrying on my mass-organisation mission!

What do you do to refresh yourself for the week ahead!? Got any tips???


  1. The poppy nails are so cute- wish I'd thought of that in time for Remembrance Day! :- )

    In terms of refreshing: a really hot, long shower and painting my nails always seem to be top of my list. I usually spend the evening relaxing (watching films, having a cheeky glass of vino, etc) so I don't feel too groggy when the dreaded Monday morning comes around... (ergh, speaking of which, I probably should get to bed.)

    Xx. Emma @

    1. Thanks hun!

      Yeah I think doing my nails really relaxes me! XO

  2. I want your little duck necklace its sooooo cute!!! X

    1. Aww thanks :) It's the cutest bargain ever XO