Oct - Nov: 29 - 4

Final Fantasy Week.

This week REALLY didn't feel like a week for Halloween. With the work charity event last week, I felt like Halloween was over for me, although I did take my little brother and sister round the block to trick or treat the houses with pumpkins outside! For me, this week was all building up to the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert at The Royal Albert Hall. We went last year, and I have to HONESTLY say that this year wasn't as good as last year. After further conferring and discussing with the boyfriend, we both agreed it was too over thought when they played a song to represent each game from 1 - 14 in chronological order. I feel that last year's felt more spontaneous and special and although this year's was to celebrate 25 years of Final Fantasy (it's older than me!), it just didn't feel the same! But I still really enjoyed myself, and was worth going again!
Today I finally played the famous Final Fantasy VII too! I really enjoyed it, and I have been a total geek playing it with my boyfriend and seeing the concert but it's my little geeky side that only comes out every once in a while! Everyone has a geeky side, mine involves a lot of gaming!
I was supposed to go watch SkyFall this week as well! Has anyone seen it? I think I'd rather see it when everyone else has. Apart from my Final Fantasising, I have been working my bottom off at work with super-duper merchandising and attempting to make my Miss Selfridge area look super-amazing.

Looking forward to: Possibly first Christmas present purchases, attempting a mini art project, and being a little more relaxed than this week!

What are you a secret geek for?

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