Trending: Velvet

I don't know what's happened but everywhere I look shopping I see sequins and velvet. And I love both of them, but I think especially velvet. It comes in beautiful colours, with a soft touch and a glamorous look... I love wearing my gold velvet skirt as well as my champagne coloured gold glitter spotted skater dress both from A/W 11 Topshop, and I've found a couple of simple velvet pieces I'd love to add to my wardrobe together to join my golden velvet pieces. Hmmm... Why have I only got gold velvet?

A velvet skirt just adds a little glamour to any look, and I'm especially in love with the burgundy one today. I think because it's a different style of skirt? The studded velvet leggings for a comfortable and right on trend to soften down a rocky look, and that blue velvet dress to me is just perfect for a Christmas do, or Christmas day!

What's your take on velvet?


  1. I have that blue new look dress and I absolutely love it!! :) xx

  2. I absolutely love the look of velvet but, for some reason, the touch of it really goes through me unfortunately. Lovely picks though. :- )

    Xx. Emma @

  3. I'm LOVING velvet at the moment! x