Wishlist #3

As a girl I think it's okay to want a little bit. We're women, we like to shop... somewhere down the line it is in our nature. And if it's not in yours to love shopping, I have to admit it definitely is in mine! And as it closes to days down to Christmas you can't help but think about what you want and what you like and then see all these amazing offers and things in store while you Christmas shop. It's a crazy limbo between heaven and hell for us shop-lovin' gals!

♥ Tweed Coat - I saw my friend try on the black suede like one of this and she bought it... and since I saw a return of this in store I've wanted it. It looks so amazing, but I just don't think it would suit me. I'm a fitted coat kinda gal... But I still think it's a lovely coat!
Grape Playsuit - Does this count if I just bought this today? I bought this with my staff voucher I got today (Thanks Miss Selfridge)! This is my Christmas Party playsuit! I wanted to wear something dinner worthy for a Christmas party and then out on the town worthy after. It's so wearable and fits the bill for this occasion and so many others so I'll get lots of use out of it! (Plus I've been eyeing it up for ages....teehee)
♥ Topshop Jersey Dresses 1 | 2 & 3 - I love all the Topshop Jersey Dresses.... I know I'd get so much use out of them and I've only got the one that I wear to work. I just need to invest on these for new wearable dresses! I'm beginning to think more for the versatile!!!
Doodle iPhone Case - OMG. Topman are good for something. AMAZING gifts that I would definitely have on my Christmas list! A case you can doodle on!? So loving it.
♥ iPhone Duo Lens - I always wanted one of these since my boyfriend told me about someone who's got one. From what I've heard it really does help make amazing photography....
♥ Lumix G3 - I think this is a 'I'm REALLY going to treat myself want'. I don't need a camera, and to be honest I might actually prefer a compact camera that takes photos like the iPhone for lighting and shutter speed but better quality. I only have my iPhone... I guess I just want something for when I need my iPhone for phone related purposes rather than leisure! But this is always a dreamer product... for those creative days!
Black Lace Litas - What girl doesn't want a pair of JC Litas!? I don't mind dupes... But these are gorgeous. No more has to be said.
♥ James Brown Shampoo & Conditioner (Colour Enhancing for Chemically Treated Hair) - For the price of shampoo and conditioner I think I may prefer a cheaper version of this. But it seems to do exactly what I want it to do... I'm looking for products that might help enhance and care for my recently ombred hair! But I don't know much about hair care products that I should go for... Is this one?
♥ John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner - I think if I got this I'd use it on the ends of my hair... to lighten my ombre. Is this a stupid thing to think? Please tell me....
♥ Argania Moisture Repair Conditioner - After the treatment I've given my hair and the reviews I've seen of this... I think this would be perfect to restore my hair's health!

What's on your wishlist!?

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