Cat's New Year's Resolutions

I used to think New Year's resolutions were stupid and pointless but now I see them in a different light. I see that there meant to drive you to do things for the better and with a new year comes a fresh start! I am happy to say that I don't feel the need for a fresh start but a start to doing a few things I want to change is something I might need. I made a list last year of 12 things in 2012 and I have done 4 of those things. The main one I wanted to do was knit! And I did that with a day spare! But I still haven't done a few of those things, like the better diet and finishing my geeky pokemon game and going back to uni. Some of those things changed this year so they're not things I wish to achieve in the year to come. I've made a fresh new list of resolutions I wish to keep! And though trying is sort of like failing before you've even started, I do really want to try and keep these, and I say try because I don't want to disappoint myself in saying I will and then I don't.

So my New Year's Resolutions of 2013 are to:

- Walk my dog every morning instead of someone else doing it, so that I get a walk to!
- Eat healthier (I had a fatty foods week to get it out of my system before the new year!)
- Draw/Sketch/Paint more. I think it's about time I finally got back into what I used to love
- Have a better sense of style - I want a style that I'm happy to wear everyday for the rest of the year if I have to!
- Save Money - It's time to start thinking about moving out
- See the Pandas in Edinburgh Zoo - Planned for March!!!!
- To be more creative with my blog and blog better! (More passionate and enthusiasm!)


I only have 7 and I think they're realistic and not too many so I can say that I could possibly do them all!
I like my new resolutions and I feel very positive about them. I look forward to the new year, and hopefully there is a lot more happy blogging and better blogging to come! What are your resolutions for the New Year?

Have a great New Year's Eve and an amazing New Year!

CAT xo
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