Dec: 24 - 30

Christmas Week!
Yes of course it was everyone's Christmas week! And what a week it has been, with work and Christmas and celebrations, as it came to the point on Friday afternoon after my break at work I couldn't stop yawning and I had come over absolutely shattered. I even had friend's saying I looked like I needed a nice long sleep, as so this weekend that is what I did to recuperate the week's energy back into my body to start again for the oh so exciting new year! And I forgot to say last week - hurrah, the world didn't end. I told you so.
So Christmas was all family and festivities as it normally would be!This year we woke particularly early - 7:45am to be exact. I would of liked to be in bed until 10 thank you very much! We woke this early for present unwrapping, and then we had our usual Christmas dinner with so much turkey left over I would be having turkey sandwiches well into the new year, but as always - NOM.  And then later on I went and saw my boyfriend who got me the most beautiful gifts and loved his own gifts too!
For the rest of the week I was unfortunately working. Boxing day sales are off the charts crazy sometimes so  cleaning up after shoppers was what was exerting so much energy out of me that an early night was in order Friday. Today I did some shopping of my own... For fancy dress bits and pieces for tomorrow night's New Year's Eve Fancy Dress Party. I am going as Pocahontas and the boyfriend is Del Boy! I can't wait to take pictures of how we look tomorrow!
I'm very pleased with how my week turned out, although it has tired me out completely! How did your Christmas go?

Looking Forward To: New Year's Eve Party & New Year's Day, New Year's Resolutions, the heating and hot water to finally come back and my mum coming home from Portugal!
CAT xo
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  1. Cute photos! And I've worked sales in retail so manic! Definitely understand your need for sleep, have fun at the NYE party :) Christmas was so good! Such a shame its only a few days once a year! xxx

    1. Ah! Someone who understands! I have definitely caught up on that missed sleep! Now to catch up on lost NYE sleep! XO

  2. Lovely photos, have a good new years, your outfit sounds ace! Can't wait to see the photos (:

    Check out my xmas giveaway; :)

    1. Thank You! I posted my outfit today if you'd like to see! XO