Dec: 3 - 9

Christmas-Shopping-Finished Week.
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I haven't take that many photos this week and now with the whole Instagram/Twitter imaging issues I've had to resort back to old school save onto laptop and upload rather than all my html, straight from twitter way (so much easier). But I have something to post up for today!
I've been busy this week shopping for my final Christmas presents! I got all my family's presents and now I'm left with my boyfriend's main present and those bits and bobs you get to flutter around the edge of that big present hiding under it all! I'm so excited to get it for him... This Christmas is bound to be prefect! I can't believe that with 16 days to go I am actually finished with my shopping... I feel super-happy and relaxed about it this year! First time evahhh! Now it's all about sparkly nails, crazy Christmas hats, pretty candles and mistletoe!
I've been really busy with work and stuff too this week of course. Work sometimes takes over too much... having a full time job is exactly what you need in adult life (duh!) but I think I'm missing out on the important things like doing the things I like to do in my free time like draw, blog properly, knit (as I've finally learnt how to!) and all sorts... See this post for more of an explanation....
ANYWAY. I feel on a roll at the moment... I hope this carries on through to the new year! I love being in such a motivational, happy-go-lucky frame of mind! This is good.

Looking forward to: Finishing Christmas shopping 110%, my blog re-vamp, knitting a scarf.

How much Christmas shopping have you completed?
CAT xo
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  1. Congratulation for finishing your shopping!
    I didn't even start. I should get it done by this week. I hope.
    Great blog! enjoyed reading