I think frost is a beautiful thing. Deadly but beautiful. I remember all the stories about Jack Frost that I used to read when I was little about him covering everything in frost during the night. I took these when I was waiting for the car to defrost before work yesterday morning and a couple on the walk into work. I couldn't believe that there was still some trees with green leaves. I think the most beautiful frosted thing are spider webs. I feel sorry for them even though I can't stand them, but they honestly look amazing, and you see the work those little guys put into them! I think everyone instagramed a spider web picture... I did. Did you?

P.S. I have to give credit to the last image, my boyfriend took it to show me his spikey frost on his car. Pretty cool! XO

CAT xo
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  1. Is think frost is beautiful too! A few days ago when I opened my window, I had the most beautiful sight. Everything was whit of frost, not even snow, just frost.. amazing xx

    1. Frost is beautiful, and it's always nice to see that white outside! I love winter <3 XO

  2. Awesome! Way to notice this beautiful thing that we all seem to ignore in our busy lives!