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So it is ONE week until Christmas Day and lucky me has finished all her Christmas shopping! I am feeling pretty smug about it too...Cheeky me! But working in Outfit I see people running around trying to find the last few gifts for their loved ones. I've seen tons of gift idea posts and thought it would be nice to do one too, but a last minute gifts ideas! I thought of some for him and for her add ons special gifts that could win hearts and tattoo smiles on faces!

+ 007 Gold Limited Edition Fragrance  - What guy doesn't love 007? He's 'England's most powerful weapon' and gets all the girls! This limited edition fragrance created especially for 50 year of  James Bond, "a classic fragrance with a modern twist". Everything about the bottle and the scent resembles everything that is 'Bond and British': strength, luxury, masculinity, charm and elegance. What man won't love this bit of class?
+ Lady Gaga Fame - And now what girl doesn't love Lady Gaga!? When I saw this first of all I didn't expect it to smell great if I'm honest but after a sniff in my local Superdrug I'm in love with this floral fragrance. It comes in an amazing bottle with a claw top and a black to clear spray is just a dark magic touch. Perfect for your gal!

+ iPhone Mini Microscope - Okay so this could be for men or women, but what guy isn't a little into science. I think this is perfect for guys because it's a playful accessory which touches into our guys 'childish' ways that we oh so love. It's educational and plays on curiosity! And who doesn't have an iPhone these days?
+ iPhone Fish-Eye Pro Lens - Again a guys or gals gift! But I think us girls are going to love a more pretty creative gift like this for our technological side of life! We love photos, and sharing them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram so this would be a perfect girly gift!

+ Foxy Christmas Jumper - Classic. Christmas Jumper is probably one of the most typical Christmas gifts! My boyfriend would never wear this because he's not a jumper kinda guy, but if yours is! I think this would look great on Christmas day. Foxes aren't too Christmassy but he could get away with this after Christmas too ;)
+ Classic Reindeer Jumper - Ah! Again classic! Even more classic with the classic knit and reindeer included for the Christmas touch! And I think this would look great on with skirts, jeans, or whatever you like on Christmas day!

+ Jack Daniels Fudge - Men love whiskey. My man does! And putting a classic whiskey in a fudge for Christmas is going to be a perfect stocking filler or side gift to your big gift to him this year!
+ Love Hearts Tin - Girls love cuteness. I do! And again putting cute sweets in a tin for Christmas is again going to be a perfect stocking filler! I think you can get personalised ones too somewhere online... I think this is probably even cuter!

+ The Hungover Cookbook - My man doesn't read! But when I saw this book I thought this is definitely a guys book for those who read and even for those who don't! A hungover cookbook? It just sounds amazing! Even I think I'd like that.
+ Wah Nails Book Of Nail Art - I don't actually think I know a single girl who doesn't want this book. I do, it's just one of those books you need sitting there! I haven't looked in it but I still want it! A book of nail art to feed my creativity on the tips of my fingers is just a touch to our nail art hobby!

Tea/Coffee Addicts:
+ Heat Change Tetris Mug - Again this sort of gift plays into our men's playful kiddie side! A mug that plays tetris on its own with the heat? Too cool! I think the mug is a typical Christmas gift, and it's great for those coffee and tea lovers.
+ Red Rose Eco-Cup - This mug is just cute! Girls are the ones who love their Starbucks and Costa coffees more than blokes, so an eco-cup like this appeals more to the ladies. So boys, buy us one ;) We'll love you forever!

Of course, these are just little ideas for those side gifts or secret santas that you're yet still to get. I haven't had lots of time to blog with the Christmas period being so busy and my work hours being so shifty rather than my set routine. It glitches the system! So sorry if this post isn't all up to scratch and I'll try my best to keep up with my blogging. I attempted my best for my time and I hope you find my gift ideas helpful!
How far have you gone with your Christmas shopping??
CAT xo
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  1. Hi.
    I love the add on's to the Iphone camera, thats so clever. Shame I have a Samsung GS3, there must be something though. Fingers crossed! :)

    1. I know they're great! Try eBay I'm sure they have something! :D XO