Nov - Dec: 26 - 2

Xmas Party Week(end).

This week has been an up and down week. I've had the highs of dying my hair OMBRE style! and it finally going right for once, getting a cute little runner up award at work, getting surprise flowers from my boyfriend and having a good time at the work Christmas party! It's been a full on week to be honest.
I think the highlight though was getting the beautiful bouquet of flowers being sent to work on a day I wasn't feeling too happy and it was just spontaneous and without reason. It was simply a loving romantic "I love you" when you were least expecting it! Its time like that you think about how lucky you are and how much that person means to you and you to them. Honestly, one of the most romantic things he's ever done for me. Pure sweetheart ♥
Also yesterday I had the work Christmas do! It was pretty good a meal at Pizza Express and a little boogie on the dance floor at the local club. Standard fun really :) Suffered a minor hangover this morning but nothing a little tea couldn't fix! I wore my amazing heel-less shoes (post up soon!) and I lasted all night in them comfortably and only buckled a couple of times due to stepping on things that shouldn't be on the floor anyway.
I'm too sleepy right now to focus on what to write, but my week was pretty good! I have lots of posts planned for the week and I'm quite excited about them. I hope they're ones you girls would be interesting in reading!

Looking forward to: blogging, Christmas shopping, advent calendar chocolates and attempting to get back into art!

I'd also love to know...What do you want to see on my blog? Or what do you enjoy reading?

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