Review: Claremont Chelsea Boots - Sperry Top Sider

Recently I got my hands on a pair of shoes from Sperry Top-Sider. I've always wanted a pair of chelsea boots and when I saw these ones I knew they were the ones for me. So they sent me these lovelies and I've been wearing them around for the past 2 weeks and decided it was long enough to give you guys a full-on review of what they're like because I love them so much!


Claremont Chelsea Boots* - Sperry Top-Sider
The Chelsea Boot is a timeless boot and very on trend right now. I chose these beauts because they're perfect all year round, so wearable with so much, and I really have wanted a pair for so long! I've paired these up with everything: skinny jeans, skater skirts, dresses, maxi dresses and shorts. I've worn them with cute frilly socks too for ultimate girliness! They're simple and beautiful, made of real leather and rubber. Perfect for me for an awkward on her feet girl like me. I don't usually go for shoes that are so simple, but I am in serious love with these.
I wore these basically every day for work and going out. I think I may have worn them for 12 of 14 days since I got them. Love much? If you're a heels girl like me you're going to love these because they are so comfortable, and wearable with so much. They're going out and they're casual, whatever you like. I think on the first day of wearing them it took me about 7 hours before it I really needed to sit down. They're really tough material wise; the leather is of great quality as they look just as they did the day I got them and the rubber sole is tough and strong just the way I need it! The heel hasn't worn down a bit either which is just "perfeito"! I may have to invest in cushioned insoles just for a little extra comfort when I wear them to work as I'm on my feet pretty much all of the time, and I only seem to feel the pain of wearing the heel after a good few hours of walking around in them.
I honestly tried to find something that I might not like on them, but I really struggle! I think the initial "ow" of wearing a heeled boot to work was all I really felt and no matter who you are and how much you love wearing heels. At the end of the day you're going to have that "ahhh...." of taking them off and slipping into cushioned slippers. The only thing I may do is get cushioned insoles.
In four words, these boots are: diverse, comfortable, trendy, perfect.

The image online looks different to these though, I'm not sure if I've lost the link... (super confused) but mine are more of a matte leather than a shined leather. I have to invest in some leather care products as this is my first pair of leather shoes... Any recommendations? I think I would possibly buy another pair of shoes from Sperry's due to the quality of these boots. They really feel like they're going to last, and as a timeless boot I will get so much wear out of them.
What do you think of my super-cool new chelsea boots? Got any favourites from the Sperry Top-Sider online shop?
CAT xo
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  1. These look lovely, I am living in boots at the moment I must stop buying them :P

    1. I know me too! Boots are the best shoes ever! XO

  2. Wow, they are really gorgeous x

    1. Thanks! I know I'm so lucky to have them <3 I live in them now! XO