Turning Twenty Three

So yesterday I turned twenty three, and it's the first birthday I've ever had to work on. But I have to admit it wasn't all that bad! I had a good day at work, and I got some lovely gifts from my family and boyfriend. So I thought I'd share some of my gifts, what I did and wore with you! Just because...!

So my boyfriend probably got me the BEST present ever! My first pair of hair straighteners and GHDs! They are sooooo amazing and I can't stop looking at how damn straight my hair is! When you've got a curly lion like mane like mine... This is alien amazing! Along with my new favourite beauty tool he got me a hair band ball for the million of times I run out and amazing storage, some nom chocolate toffees, and the cute black cat jumper!
Between my family they got the other gifts. F*ck I'm In My Twenties is really funny and a good read! The Glee perfume given to me by my little sister is actually quite a nice smell, and the gok wan make up bag is cute too! I needed a new one. I think it's uber cute that my littlest brother and sister spent their pocket money getting me a lovely little gift! I picked up this Miss Selfridge Bunny Jumper in the sale and courtesy of mum and dad, and of course, Birthday money is being saved for Boxing Day sales ;)
I got to go out for the loveliest meal to TGI Fridays too where me and my boyfriend shared chicken wings and both had ribs! Mmmmm... I could eat that every night for dinner. I cheekily drank my favourite cocktail - Purple Rain and he treated me to the massive birthday cupcake when we got home after I'd opened up my lovely presents. Honestly, best birthday in a while! I don't feel older than twenty one either. It's nice to know I still feel adult like young inside :)
Now to look forward to Christmas!....!!!
CAT xo
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