Wild Cat Ombre

YES! I did it... And I have to say first thing. I'm so impressed with how this turned out and I expected the worst after my last hair disaster. I finally think I've found a style that suits me, and yes I may be late with the trend but I really like it still and I was just too scared to do it before.
I used L'Oreal's Wild Ombre Dip Dye Hair Kit in No.1 for Dark Hair. It comes with all the usuals for dying hair, the products to mix together, the shampoo for after, the plastic gloves and this time a brush to help colour the hair and create the perfect, desired ombre.

I was REALLY worried that this would turn out wrong or not at all. After I last dyed my hair when I stripped the colour and tried to return to a lighter brown I ended up being a darker brown than I wanted. It wasn't almost black so I was moderately happy with my hair colour. The box said for natural or coloured hair so I thought it would be a good try and I thought... well it's only going to be £6 I wasted which I thought for hair dye was pretty cheap.

I followed the instructions as you would any hair dye and it gave the option of leaving the dye in for 25 - 45 minutes. I thought that my hair is pretty dark, and again, I didn't know if my pre-coloured hair would leave my hair uncoloured so I left it on for the full 45 minutes for maximum results. Once I'd rinsed it all off and dried my hair, I was surprised to see how well it turned out and the noticable difference! Hurrah, a hair DIY success!
The only thing that really worried me was the condition my hair was in after I'd dried it. I found that my hair was really dry like straw and it was hard to brush through, but nothing another wash and the application of VO5 oil everyday didn't fix! Today my hair feels softer and looks healthier but of course after a few days it's not going to magically appear amazing and healthy! As you bloggers are all so amazing and full of wisdom, I was wondering if you'd like to share your hair care tips with my for Ombre Hair as of course I'm a total newbie to it! What products do you recommend to! I'm a sucker for trying out new products....

Before & After Shots
(Different lighting I know. I'm sorrrryyyy #bloggersfail!
But you couldn't see the ombre in the dark and the old style was a minutes-before-dying shot)

What do you think of the new do? Is it a keeper?


  1. I love it, its the perfect shade to go at the bottom,
    i only had mine a month and i got bored of it.
    I love it on you though, it really suits you :)

  2. I brought a palmers intensive protein conditioner from Sally's after having my hair highlighted. It's in a sachet, and is around a couple of quid. It's bloody AMAZING!!!! It worked miracles on my fried hair!! I'm going tomorrow to see if I can find a bottle of it. X

  3. Did you bleach it? Or just applied it on? I wanna know cause im gonna do my hair too and its dark brown. I dont want it to look cheap ):

  4. Hey, this review is so good, thanks! Best one I've found since I've been researching all week... I was wondering, do you have to put on two applications... so lighter at the bottom, then darkening at the top half? Also, my hair is almost black... does it work like a bleach as the last time I bleached my hair it went ginger :(
    Any help would be super appreciated. xx

    1. You're suppose to start the application at the root and then work your way up that way it fades at the top of the dye application

  5. Hey girls! If you've subscribed to the comments I hope this helps and I'm not too late commenting! I applied it to the ends and it works as bleach, and it did go a little gingery but it looks good! I applied a second coat a few weeks later and it blondes right up. It's supposed to look just a little lighter so it looks nice whether it is kind of gingery. Don't worry too much as you can just dye over if you don't like it!