Wishlist #4

It's so close to Christmas it's crazy! I've completed my Christmas shopping and now I can relax! I found a few bits on my online Christmas shopping travels that caught my eye... My wishlist this week seems to be light with pastel colours.

Bloggers I Met And Liked Notebook - I always liked this notebook, and think it's really cute and simple. I stopped collecting all my notebooks. Maybe I should start a new fresh collection?
Listography - I saw this book ages ago and if you love making lists this is the book for you... there are also about five different other ones... Love Listography, Movie Listography... the list goes on!
Pink Litas - I found these pink beauts on eBay and now I really want them! Pink ones aren't really practical but at the price on eBay you could get a pink pair AND a practical black or brown pair! I'm not too fussed for brands so I can deal with having dupes! :)
Chewy Cat iPhone Case - Simply just chunky, bright and too cute. A must-have phone accessory. Simples!
Warehouse Bag - Since I've seen this bag in my Outfit store I've loved it and saw it in a couple of other Warehouse stores and I love it for it's size and simple but amazing detail and style... it's pretty big and probably fits all my stuff in it. And may be a bag to replace the one I can't stop using now (I've had it waaay to long). I need a new bag!
Cute Raccoon Jumper - Topshop always have a cute jumper that I'm loving. This is just one of them... Jumpers = ♥ Love 
Nikon - I need a new camera now, I've come to the conclusion that I miss having a little happy snappy camera in my bag for special moments. Kodak moments. Or creative moments. Getting out your iPhone just isn't the same. What compacts are top on the market right now?

CAT xo
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  1. The boots are gorgeous, love the colour x

  2. I love that notebook but I have never met a blogger so it would remain pretty empty, sadly. xxx

    1. I only want it for the cuteness of it! XO