Wishlist #5

So a couple of days ago I had a bit of a stupid moment. I thought that it was weeks away before my birthday and turns out it's in 6 days. 6 days until I'm 23! I can't believe I'm going to be 23, but I have got the coolest date ever this year too: 20/12/2012. It's the last time we will have a patterned date.... Strange huh?
There's always something new every week for my wishlists. This week I'm loving books, hair care products, black and patterned clothing and glitter polishes. Also, I need a nice new bag to replace the one that I can't ever seem to stop going back to using no matter how tattered it is!

642 Things To Write About - I found this fun looking book on eBay. If I don't fancy reading books, I like something that's more like an activity book. Sounds a bit childish but I feel like it's a fun way to get in touch with my creative mind and writing.
Caviar Beaded Bodycon - I tried this on yesterday. And wow... I love this. I want this. I need this! New Year's Eve dress possibly? What do you gals think!?
Long Sleeve Velvet Playsuit - I also love this! I think it's really cute, simple and christmassy! I often don't like playsuits with sleeves, although I do own one I think it looks really weird sometimes.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner - I bought a smaller bottle of this and after using this twice I'm in love with how soft and sleek it makes my hair feel! A bigger bottle please!?
Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo - After falling in love with the Aussie Conditioner, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to try their other products like this one and be pleased at the results too... Therefore possibly finding my holy grail hair care product!? I like the idea of a heat protecting shampoo because I'm not the best at keeping up with hair care! I dry my hair so often and style so often I need something like this to help "take the heat"! (lulz)
Grey Neon Strap Satchel - I've been using the same two bags for the last 2 years and it's about time I got a nice new shiny bag that I absolutely love to stop me using my boring tatty old ones! I used to love bags! What happened to me? I think I became a shoes girl...
Models Own Wonderland Box Set - OMG. Wintery coloured glitters are probably the best glitters EVER. And this set is a dream, and I think the third from the left is my favourite ♥
Dogtooth Skater Skirt - I wear a lot of skater skirts, and I'm thinking of expanding my collection a little bit with patterns and colours... I like this one a lot after spotting it on Boohoo.com. How are Boohoo for sizes? I've never bought from them before.

What's on your wishlist this week?
CAT xo
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  1. Love this post!! Merry Christmas :) xx

    ps. If you have a spare second, I would love it if you could check out the blog sale on my blog. (Sorry for the shameless plug!) xx

    1. Thank you :) Merry Christmas to you too!

      Thanks I will do :D XO

  2. I'm the same, I have that one tattered bag that I keep going back to, even though it's very tattered and broken.