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New Year Week.
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So yesterday's post is a day late, and the reason being is that I was up 18 hours already and seriously couldn't find the energy or will to actually type up this post. I would rather write a thought out post that just a "that'll do" one. I was up so long because I'd been working a very early morning at work and a late one the night before. The things you do for your job and some over time!
Anyway: Happy New Year Bloggers! Hope your new year has come to a good start? Mine did! It started off with my 2 Year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend, and a great party to celebrate the coming of the new year. I happily had New Year's Day off so I managed to recuperate as much energy from the night before as possible! We went to a fancy dress party for NYE and I went dressed of course, as Miss Pocahontas if no one saw my outfit post HERE on what I wore. My boyfriend as Del Boy quite obviously, and I honestly thought he was the best dressed!
It was also the boyfriend's birthday of Saturday so I treated him to a sexy TGI Friday's and some lovely presents including 007's fragrance I posted about HERE! It smells SOOO good! I spent a little time at home with him and his family too after having cake and tea and talking :)
I haven't really been up to a lot after that, I think at the moment all I'm doing is I'm planning out how I'm going to make this year better with everything from healthy living resolutions and financial planning to being a better blogger and using my time more wisely. I need a 2013 notebook to do all my planning in, and I really want to make this year better than last year. I already have so much planned... Otherwise, I was shopping yesterday as well as having a quiet night in with my boyfriend. Sometimes a little shop and a night in is just a good way to pass a Sunday! I didn't get anything in the sales - I can't seem to find anything I like! But I did buy an amazing duck print skirt... Oops!

Anyone shop and find anything good in the sales?
CAT xo
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