Jan: 14 - 20

This week: I made leopard print nails, I wore my fluffy coat, I bought a NEW coat! I walked in the snow, I drew a little, I wore a handmade knitted hat, painted my falsies, looked out the window a lot and wore a Genius jumper.

I think I've finally come to terms thats my weekly updates aren't much cop. I don't really like doing them that much anymore but its become a part of my blog. I'm thinking of a way to rework it and I like the idea of doing a picture square like this and explaining them simply and effectively. What do you think?

I also cannot believe the huge amount of snowfall today. It's been excessive! Guess who's walking to work again!? I won't drive in the snow when I work just down the road... It's pointless! How has the snow been in your area of Britain!? I'm yet to make a snow creature... Give me ideas so I can make one tomorrow!? :)

Happy Snow Weekend!

CAT xo
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