Jan: 21 - 27

This week: I walked in the snow, wore my favourite dress, went out in a duck print skirt, got a hair cut & dyed my hair, had mixed feelings about my knitting project, got obsessed over my adopted penguins, made pretty nude nails, went shopping and felt like I had the best week!

Seriously though. The best week in a while. I did a lot, spending 5 days off work really makes you feel a lot better and though in parts I wished I'd spent my time a little wiser but the time with my boyfriend and one of my very good friends this week has been great! I watched The Hobbit and loved it, I got well into a co-op PS3 game with my boyfriend (super-cute-nerdy-couple), I did a little retail therapy and bought my running gear so I can finally start, especially now that the snow has cleared! I really hope I can keep up to it!

Slacking with the blogging at the moment, I'm mid-way through getting on track with that as I'm in the middle of sorting out my god-forsaken bedroom. I've cleared two decent sized boxes with clothes I never wear. Now to let them go... SOMEHOW. But that, blogging, and keeping fit is on my list of things I need to get up and running from my new years resolutions!

Have you kept up with yours or planning yours in?

CAT xo
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  1. Great post!
    I'm quite surprised that I've managed to keep up most of my resolutions, especially going to the gym!

    www.slingback-scandal.blogspot.co.uk (I'm a brand new blogger!)