Jan: 7 - 13

Dragged Out Week.

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You know the sort of weeks where you don't know which day is which and what you're doing? I've had one of those. And the week couldn't have ended any slower! I had a great day today but the rest of the week just was slower than a snail race! Today was the sort of day I needed to recuperate from the long week, as I'd been in the most foul mood for most of it. And now the weeks over, I kinda wish I had my Sunday all over again since it was so good.
The highlight of the week was the response I had from this blog post earlier on. I loved seeing all your replies and feeling a little more unity with how we all feel about blogging and the problems behind it! And the other highlight was receiving my Keds in the post! They're so pretty, prettier than I thought... I just hope it doesn't snow so I get to wear them! I did wear a pair yesterday, though my toes were frozen... :|
The weekends highlight was the whole of today. I spent the day with my boyfriend watching Rocky, eating KFC (chicken addicts), and kicking his arse at Monopoly! I love Monopoly. It's a classic that never gets boring! And when you win... It's better! I just loved the whole atmosphere today, really was just calm, relaxing and a happy day all in all. Wish it didn't have to end :(

Apparently we have snow tomorrow in my area.
Any outskirts North Londoners know of any snow hitting us?

CAT xo
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