Ombre No. 2

Hey Bloggers! I've been a bit away from blogging for a few days, it's not that I've not been bothered, or busy. I've just been doing other things instead. It's nice being busy with stuff sometimes, that doesn't often happen to me... :)
Anyway! Last week I gave my hair a little touch up make over with a lighter shade of ombre and a much delayed trip to the hairdressers. I dyed the hair myself just before as I knew what I wanted to do with it and how, and left the cutting to the professionals! 

My hair was already recently ombre-d for the first time with the L'Oreal Wild Ombre Shade No. 1 (for dark hair). And although it had turned out perfect and the results were just as expected, I always knew I would eventually dye it a little lighter for a more distinctive ombre. I went for a shade up on the L'Oreal Wild Ombre colour and used Shade No. 2 which is for medium hair, colouring it the same way as last time of course but from about an inch or so lower than last time so it would look a little more graduated. My only worry was it was going to turn out too blonde or wrong, so I left it for the minimum time which was perfect! My hair will never go blonder than this, because I'm naturally a dark brunette, but none the less this is the blondest I'm willing to go either way. I'm really happy with the results and I've been complimented on my hair colour so I think for an at home job, I did well! And I don't think I'll be dying my hair again any time soon.

I also did get a long fringe cut in as you can see in the photos. The fringe isn't exactly how I wanted it, as I thought it would sweep away a little better once it was styled, but that hasn't been the case so I might have to cut in myself a blunt fringe and grow it out to how I want it. I think the best sweepy fringes grow out as they'll sit in place better that way :)
My photos also aren't doing me or my ombre much justice because of the flash. My blog profile picture does better justice!!!! The florescent lighting was horrid so it was this or nothing. I might take some better photos in the natural light tomorrow morning to replace them. Damn these dark evenings! Roll on Spring!

What's your take on Ombre? I know I'm a bit late, but I still love it!

CAT xo
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  1. It really suits you and is such a great shade! I think Ombre has gone past a trend and is a edgy classic look that will stick all year!

    Beki x

    1. Thanks! I believe so too! Everyone's done it and it happens naturally otherwise when we grow out dyed hair :) XO