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Saturday, 12 January 2013

What Cat Wore: Keds & A Fluffy Coat

Coat - Topshop (A/W 11)
Jumper * - Internacionale
Jeans - River Island
Plimsoles * - Keds

I firstly would like to apologise for the state of these photos. I'm outside and if anyone else who has been outside today knows the whole of Britain is round about freezing point! And outside is the only decent place to get photos, so I took photos and then ran inside. It's said that it's supposed to snow between tomorrow and Tuesday. I love a bit of snow, and it doesn't stop me from getting anywhere I need to be so I don't mind if it comes down in super thick fluffy inches!

Today is a simple chill-out kind of day, and I decided that it although this isn't the best outfit in the world to post up, I never showed off my Topshop coat on the blog, and all the clothes I'm wearing in here are new besides the coat. The Jumper was a gift from the boyfriend. He knows I love my animals and my wardrobe zoo is rapidly expanding. Recently with ducks, cats, and polar bears. I want to add the Dorothy Perkins penguin jumper to the collection next. Whoops!
My jeans are also my new favourites. I bought them with a gift card and paid the rest off. I really needed a new pair and they go with everything.

I received my Keds in the post yesterday too and was super excited to get these babes, and my floral ones too (which I'll post about later on as a review) and they are super comfy as they have a special cushioned insole and a shock proof arch cushion! Fancy, ay? I'm not one for plimsoles and trainers but these are just so damn cute! They are a little bit big at the front but I'm not sure if they're meant to be like that... They fit right and don't slip off my foot so I'm happy, and it's also not a massive gap!

How do you like the Keds? Is it snowing where you are yet!?

CAT xo
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  1. I love this. Especially your Keds!

    1. Thanks, they're the cutest! Can't wear them with this damn snow though :( XO

  2. I've never appreciated Keds before seeing yours, now I want some!

    1. I wasn't sure but when they arrived I was like wow! Definitely glad I got them! XO

  3. Started snowing today! Your jumper is so cute :) the pictures look fab too! I'm assuming its cus of your lovely new camera? :) xxx

    1. Thanks :) Awww yes it is! Thanks for noticing
      ^_^ XO