What Cat Wore: NYE

Happy New Year everyone! How was everyone's NYE?

Dress/Boots/Belt - Gifted
Headband - Local Party Shop
Necklace (Just Seen) - Primark

Last night, the boyfriend and I went to a fancy dress party. He went dressed as Del Boy and me, well I was Pocahontas! I was given this dress by my mum after a trip to France (I think) last year and was very confused as to why they gave it to me because it's not the sort of dress I would wear... everyday. And anyway I decided that I would keep it so that if a fancy dress party came along I would have the perfect dress to be Pocahontas or a Red Indian in. And so the time came! My boyfriend got me the headband from a local fancy dress shop and was way better than the one I picked out from Primark in the men's section.

And my boots were a lovely present I missed out in my Christmas presents post from my boyfriend! They're Lita Dupes and SOOO amazing! He got me these nude with gold spiked ones because they were different. The boy knows me so so well! They're really comfy to walk in and super sharp. I unfortunately lost a spike last night which I was really upset about, but I've ordered some replacement spikes on eBay to fix it :) I love them too much to let them live with a spike missing!

Overall the night was amazing! A house party with drink, dancing and balloons let off from the ceiling at midnight... Definitely an amazing party! And I couldn't have spent it with better people, a load of friends and my boyfriend who today I've been with for 2 years ♥ 2013 has come to the perfect start!

CAT xo
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  1. You look amazing! The party sounds so much fun :) Happy new year xoxo

    1. Ah Thanks! Yeah it was a really good time! Best New Year's for a while! :D XO