Wishlist #7

This wishlist = a little bit random. I'm not in much of a "ooooh I want this!" and a "ooooh I love that!" sort of state at the moment. And after Christmas that's how you should be! Though... These things caught my eye after a bit of online browsing today!

Striped Monochrome Dress - Whilst searching to see if I could buy the cat dress I posted on Instagram that I fell in utter love with earlier this week I found this beauty. Surprise surprise, no cat dress! I still really want the cat dress and if you've seen it and you know me! You know why! But this dress, is just simple and quite sexy in a way. Do you see it?
Denim Pocket Skirt - I have been uhmming and aahing about where to get a denim skater skirt and ah! Look Miss Selfridge have made one! I love Miss Selfridge, I may be biased as I am a Miss Selfridge Brand Specialist BUT, I do sincereley love the brand's style and it gets me excited when new things come in store! And this beaut has pockets! I like this better than a plain denim skater because of the huge pockets. Am I not right that big pockets make it work!?
Katy Perry Meow - I saw this on the shelf the other day in Tesco and was in awe that I hadn't seen it before! But alas, I couldn't bring myself to buy it, and why is beyond me! Maybe because it's still 2 weeks until pay day? No matter how it smells I want it... Its the cute bottle! The name! And it's Katy Perry's!
Dip Dye Tunic - I think what caught my eye with this was the colours and I already imagined wearing it with my jeggings and Lita dupes... Does this idea work?
Reebok Running Shoes - Yup! It's time to start on that New Year's Resolution. Suck it up now so you don't have to suck it in later! That's my new motto.

What's on your list this week?

CAT xo
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  1. I love the dip dye tunic! ive not seen anything like it before and the colours are lovely. Jeggings an lita dupes would look amazing!

    Zoe | zozeze.com

  2. I am in love with Katy Perry's perfumes! Meow smells devine and it's so cheap from cheapsmells.com too (http://www.cheapsmells.com/search.php?q=meow) I bought mine from their and it arrived within a couple of days :D.

    Alex xoxo

  3. LOVE the bottle. I've never smelt it before but I'd buy it for the bottle alone!


  4. I didn't even try making a resolution that involved exercise, wishful thinking. I hope you keep it up :) Love that stripey dress !

    Karys x

  5. OMG! Cheek - the page reloaded when I was halfway through leaving a comment! >:o Well that's just rude lol *smacks it*


    As I was saying. I clicked on the page for the cat bottle not Katy Perry and I love it. I'm looking for an excuse to start collecting perfume bottles, but then I would have loads of clutter and I would need an excuse to keep them - and there is nothing that I could put into these perfume bottles without going out and buying more clutter :/

    We need magic refilling bottles like at Hogwarts. We pay a subscription for them, and they get refilled every month. Someone do this nao! D: lulz

    (Actually, I'm sure there probably is something like this in the works, or has at least been considered like at a bar. You select the perfume bottle that you want, and slot it into the correct holder on top of a special desk or vanity unit or something, and then program the right perfume to be sent to the right holder through the right tube that goes through the ground etc etc.)

    The company check payment, and then send the perfume down the line. That way you can not only keep all of your fabulous bottles (promotes being green), you can just top up as and when. (Or something.)