Wishlist #8

This weeks wishlist seems really simple and maybe a little boring? There isn't much I've seen recently that I've been like wow! I love that! I guess when you're busy with work and you mellow off online shopping you don't really see much! Waiting up for pay day also doesn't help matters does it?

It Girl T-Shirt - I really love simple t-shirts at the moment and realised I haven't got many good ones, and the ones I do like are at the end of their lives... They're looking really dull and dead from over-wear. This one though, I thought was really cute! And it's the sort of top that goes with anything.
Nails Inc Concrete - I saw a review of this on The Sunday Girl a few days ago and was really intrigued. Of course I want to try it and in this colour too, but I'm really worried I won't be impressed. It sounds just so bizarre to have a texture on your nails. Saying that I have bought velvet flocking... That's different though. It's soft!
Barry M Lip Paint - I don't own a Barry M lip paint yet, and I really want to. With my orange/coral lipstick almost out, I think maybe a small investment into this beautiful colour could be handy and make me happy!
Underground Creeper - I'm standing on the fence about creepers. I want to get them because everyone is making them look so cool, and girly when I thought they couldn't ever be girly! And now I don't want to get them too because everyone has them. I'm sure I'll eventually get some on eBay and join the crowd, but for now I'm uhmming and ahhing. I'd like these with pink trim. Do they do those?
Blog Inc - Still want this. But is it a worthy purchase? Let me know!
Shorts Pinafore - THIS. Is something I have been wanting for weeks and after seeing a few people Instagram theirs in an outfit post and seeing Olivia wear hers on her blog I want them even more! I think these will definitely be an investment worth making....! What do you think???
CAT xo
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  1. i want that playsuit, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)


  2. I like the look of the Nails Inc polish, textured nails sound interesting! xo


    1. Doesn't it just!? :) It's the new going trend! XO

  3. Just started blogging and reading all the blogs I can find, really love your blog, easy to read and full of pretty things! Definitely coming back!

    Heather xx