Feb: 11 - 17 - ♥

This Week: I wore some different make-up, wrote in my Listography book, wore a neon necklace & magnetic nail polish, had a non-uniform day, wore a cute outfit, got an amazing valentine's present, decorated my brother's birthday cake, cute a fringe in and wore my new Thomas Sabo bracelet!

This week has been completely jam packed full of work and so much going on, especially this weekend! I spent the weekend with my little brother for his birthday, and was happy to see he liked his race track number 8 cake, saw a friend for dinner and had a lazy day in with my boyfriend!

As well as that, ofcourse it was Valentine's Day on Thursday! I had such a lovely evening, unfortunately spent the day at work but it wasn't too bad. I went and saw the new Die Hard, gave gifts and had a cheeky fast food dinner! I also happily went with my boyfriend today to change my bracelet for a bigger one because I have massive wrists apparently! This one fits like a charm and I just can't stop looking at it! I wasn't a bracelet person until now, as I've never felt natural wearing one and this one does. Weird how that works out right? But I love it, and now I can start collecting pretty charms for it on lovely occasions!

As well as that, I've just been busy seeing people and organising things for this week. I have exciting things happening this week. I'm off to Cambridge to tick off some training activity off my list of things to do, and I think Cambridge is a pretty looking place so I'm quite excited to go! And I get to see a different Miss Selfridge store too! As well as that, I have pay day to look forward to! This saving money is turning out to be quite a difficult one to do! I am determined to be good at it though!

Have you got anything exciting going on this week?

CAT xo
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p.s. can't keep track with my blogged weekly updates so I'm reverting back to week dates for post names!


  1. I'm loving the blue eyeliner look :)
    that birthday cake looked so yummy as well when i saw it on instagram,

    x x x

    1. Thanks hun! I've always had a thing for blue eyeliner and masacara!
      It was yummy too... was gone within the day! XO

  2. i love the neon necklace, i'd never have the guts to wear it though, too colourful for me! have a great time in cambridge, such a lovely place, i'm very jealous! x

    1. Thanks! I wear it all the time, it brightens up my black work uniform!