Wishlist #10

I've seen quite a few things that I like out there this week... A couple of these are things I've been wanting for quite a while, and it's just investing in them. I still need to eBay off a few things because I really don't wear them or would miss them. I think when the weather picks up a car boot sale would be ideal too! Do any of you gals do the car boot scene?

Black Milk Clothing LOTR Middle Earth Map Leggings - OMG. I've fallen in love with these! I feel like a total geek for loving these so much, but I want them so much I am actually considering purchasing soon.... I've heard black milk clothing to be amazing quality, and I need these leggings in my life. ♥ ♥ ♥
Spotted Pinafore Playsuit - I tried this on two days ago, as I have seen quite a few pinafores come through at work. I was going to get the black Topshop ones but they really didn't look right on me! Although this Miss Selfridge beauty was perfect shape and fit for me! It's really girly and very Miss Selfridge style! Just how I like it :)
Daisy Spot Flocking Treggings - I saw these recently in a Topshop store I rarely go to, and I love them! I love the dogtooth print ones, but these are so much girlier and probably really easy to wear with so much! I may possibly get these soon too... I wonder if they'll so more flocking designs?
Casio Watch - I always wanted a Casio watch. It's classic and probably better for time keeping than the one I have now. Digital is the way forward.
L'Oreal Studio Matt and Messy Salt Spray - After seeing a TV ad yesterday for this, I kinda want to try it. There aren't that many styling products for longer hair that isn't smoother, straightening serums or curl definition sprays.
Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser - I've been debating investing in one of these for a while. Maybe because I need somewhere special to put my make up, because it just ends up everywhere... Plus I think it'll look really pretty all organised. Any alternative ideas to this that may be a little cheaper?
Tell me! Which are your favourite Black Milk leggings from their website and why!?
CAT xo
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  1. Replies
    1. They do don't they! I have a growing list of wants! XO

  2. i need those leggings! They are so amazing. I want everything on that website. Also i need a make up organizer! xo


    1. I love Black Milk... it's my expensive lust! I'm never happy with my make-up storage so this would be amazing wouldn't it!? XO

  3. I relly want that matt and messy spray but I cant find it anywhere! may have to be an online purchase! Such a cute blog!

    Nicole (lu-lu-nicole)

    1. Really!? Oh no that must mean I won't be able to find it!

      Thank you :) XO

  4. Just been reading your wishlists for so long, I want everything! :)
    I bought just the lipstick acrylic holder for £3 on eBay and it holds about 20, I love it!
    New follower :)