Wishlist #13

Hey gals! A bit late, but it's here! I love doing my wishlist posts! Really gets together what I'm loving recently. Sometimes there's a pattern, and sometimes there isn't... This week there isn't! And this is more me... I'm a here, there and everywhere type of gal. I did just text my boyfriend about my short attention span and I think that along with the love for pretty things results in a wishlist looking a little un-organised like this... But I still love it!

Speckled Mini Dress - I think the thing about this dress is that I love the style. It's a casual t-shirt dress shape, and I haven't got a casual dress at all.. I'm not an all out casual dresser... more of an "all out or feel weird and under-dressed when casually dressed" dresser. But I can imagine jazzing this up with a belt and some funky shoes! The colour alone I think fixes this for me, because I'm a bright one with clothes. I did just buy a neon yellow jumper...
Rosie Black Cut Out Wedge - "WOW", is all I can say about these shoes. Talk about "walking on air"!? I'd feel like that Greek messenger wearing these... And at such a great price. Investment maybe!?!?
Cherubic Nail Polish - I've only recently seen the likes of custom made nail polishes and home-made ones, but some of the creations are to die for! I love this one in particular! It's just super cute and the colours just work! I want it :) Search them up on Etsy!
Swizzle (Panda) Earrings - I think I've gone a bit panda mad since it is only 2 and a half weeks until I fly off to Scotland for a few days and visit the big bamboo eating cuties at Edinburgh Zoo! These would fit the occasion perfectly, and they're not too obvious... ;)
Lassie Ankle Strap Platforms - These are just such a great colour and shape! I love these and I think they're definitely my summer shoes! I haven't bought a pair of Topshop shoes but I'm hoping if I get to invest in a pair it'll be these and I'll love them! Do you recommend Topshop footwear?
Carefree Floral Print Light Knit -  I found this on eBay a few weeks ago and whilst clearing out my bookmarks found it again! I love it and though another casual piece... This is the sort of casual I'd go for since the colour and the style is a little more me!
So I'm into my pastels and also my neons at the moment.
What's your colour palette?
CAT xo
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  1. Ahhh the shoes are amazing! x

  2. Replies
    1. I know, I would try it if I wasn't trying to avoid spending money! XO

  3. Love the jumper is adorable :-)


    1. I love it because you could wear it heavily like a jumper or lightly in the summer ^_^ XO

  4. that nail varnish is amazing, its so pretty! xx

    1. I know I wish I wasn't avoiding shopping so I could buy it! XO