Feb - March: 25 - 3

This Week: I painted my nails bright and glittery, bought textured nail paints, painted my nails with textured nail paints, felt happier in my skin, cuddled my dolly pops, washed my car (miracles happen you know!), wore some deceiving tattoo tights, and a neon yellow jumper, and read girly magazines in bed.

This week flew by bearing in mind I felt like it dragged until it hit Thursday and I realised I was just being a moody cow about my rubbish boring week. I didn't do much this week and to be honest although it hasn't been my favourite week of the year, I cheered myself up by doing my nails quite often and doing things that were long overdue like cleaning my car, and what not. I also cheered myself up by wearing cool tights that arrived in the post this week, and my new neon jumper which lots of people said they liked! So worth the £7 it cost me, haha!
Although I've had a rubbish week I guess it's always that way a week before you're preparing for a jam packed week with lots to do and so much to look forward to. As of Friday I've got so much going on I'm going to need another week off to recuperate!

Not much to report here, but I will leave you letting you know that I've got myself a Facebook page for those of you who prefer to keep updated via Facebook. I'm not much of a Facebook user, but I will try to keep it up to date as much as I can though. I'm sorry but there aren't any promises! - HERE's the LINK! Like me if you do like me :) ♥

Has your week been more eventful than mine? Let me know!

CAT xo
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  1. The nail look on the top left corner is perfection!