March: 11 - 17

This Week: I went to London Zoo, ate fudge, saw a REAL Panda (eek!), wore a tartan scarf, explored Edinburgh castle, wore my second pair of Keds, saw a double rainbow, read company magazine, and trimmed up my fringe!

I haven't been very social-able this week, but the only reason for that is because it's been my week off and I've been off adventuring the wonderful city of Edinburgh up in Scotland! I had such an amazing time and I can't wait to blog about it this week :) I think my highlight was definitely seeing the Pandas... They're seriously so amazing and adorable! Worth going up there just to see them!

As well as adventuring up in Edinburgh, walking the Old Town, exploring the castle and obsessing over tartan, I've probably been the laziest ever! I haven't actually done anything for the last 3 days but I have a busy week ahead of me and no more holiday until July, so I think it's a good enough excuse, don't you? I should have been sorting out things at home, planning my next two weeks, and doing all those random bits and bobs you're supposed to do on your week off, but procrastination at it's highest level. I think the only productive thing I did was change the headlights in my car... Quite proudly all on my own! YES! No help from a man....! *ehem*

What have you proudly done on your own recently?

CAT xo
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  1. Great pics! Love the last one, you look a bit like vanessa hudgens on that photo haha xx

  2. Love your tartan scarf and that panda looks cute (I know they aren't always cute thought, but still)!

  3. Ohhhh you saw the pandas in Edinburgh! I saw "London Zoo" and was wondering why I'd never seen them there before (doh)! x x

  4. I really wanted to take my boyfriend to London zoo, I haven't been for so long!