March: 18 - 24

This Week: I wore my MAC lipstick, tried to do something different with my hair, bought a panda cardigan, felt like we had spring indoors, took outfit photos, and wanted to be back in Edinburgh in the sun watching the penguins again.

This week I've kind of been off the scene. Of course, getting back into work after a week off and with a busy few weeks around I haven't had the time to sit down, relax and blog properly. I've shared photos from my trip this week, but that seems to be just it. I'd love to know if you'd love to see the photos from our Penguins experience at London Zoo! Leave a comment if you would!

Literally haven't done anything but work, be lazy after and have a spring clean in my room this week. I feel boring :(

I cannot believe it snowed. It's almost April! Surely this is the time where the sun is supposed to come out and tease us for the Summer, where we brave wearing our new S/S13 clothes with cardigans and jumpers on top instead of layering ourselves with clothes upon clothes and coats and scarves. I'm a little bit bored of it now because I love wearing summer clothes a lot more than winter clothes. I think there's a sense of freedom in fashion with the warmth, whereas the cold comes with layers and doesn't make you feel good. Oh well... We can only hope spring is just around the corner...

Don't forget to leave a comment about whether you'd like to see photos of our penguin experience!

CAT xo
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