March: 25 - 31

This Week: I had curly hair, ate a whole tub of soft mints, bought some goodies, laid on a comfy moustache pillow, got a Lindt bunny, scratched away a panda, went out for a birthday party, and got drunk, and had a lovely Easter Sunday with the family!

Happy Easter girlies! I've had more of a busy weekend than a busy week. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's had it that way round this week! I luckily got Friday off work, and spent the day out shopping solo. I love shopping on my own, I feel like I can do so much more that way. Anti-social-shopper much!? I got a few things I will be sharing on the blog though, so stay tuned! :)
As well as that I had a little party to go to for my lovely friend's 21st and she threw an awesome party and it was so much fun dancing the night away with friends! I might of had one too many JD's and Coke and feeling the effects of it today, but nothing a good old TGI Friday dinner with the family couldn't fix! I demolished the shared starters, half rack and shrimp combo (JD sauce ofc.) and my apple waffle crunch and now I feel like I could pass out for the night. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend ;D

I didn't get many Easter eggs this year! I don't really like getting them though because I don't eat them, and when I do I feel like a chubby bunny! I did get a Lindt bunny and I know my boyfriend's giving me one tomorrow as we're having a little bit of a late Easter together tomorrow. But two is enough for me in terms of Easter eggs. Am I a little weird for that? Haha!

I have lots of exciting posts lined up this week to share with you girls. I hope you like them.
But tell me! How has your Easter been?

CAT xo
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