March: 4 - 10

This Week: I read Glamour, wore a little risker make-up, drank retro drinks, celebrated 300+ GFC followers, ate chocolate bunnies, went to the casino, wore some pretty trainers, made a banana cake and got some new flats.

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend with my aunt who had come over for the weekend from France. It was nice because she's also my godmother so I got to spend Mother's Day with both "mums" if you will. I got my mum a vintage 1940's scales for it as my aunt hinted how much she loved it in the shop! She'll be happily displaying it with al her other household pretties like her China tea set, etc. It was a very different weekend, as we went shopping, visited the casino and had a lovely roast dinner altogether as a family, and that doesn't often happen in my house as we're all always too busy to do so!

I also got into baking a little more after I made an AWESOME banana cake that literally disappeared over night. My uncle and me ate most of it so I got the ingredients to make some more, and some mix to make carrot cake and red velvet cake later on this week!

Talking of this week to come, I'll be looking forward to spending the whole week with my lovely boyfriend. Tomorrow we're off to London Zoo to encounter the pretty penguins and then we're out to Scotland Tuesday until Thursday! I cannot wait! Apologies in advance as I won't be posting most of this week, as I will be away for most of it! Have a good week gals!

Have you got anything to look forward to this week!?

CAT xo
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  1. Love the blue make-up!

  2. I hope you enjoyed in Scotland! And London Zoo...I've never been to that one but would love to go one day!