Wishlist #16

This week has been so hectic I've just about managed to do this post! But alas, I will be back with lots of posts this week! They'll be about my trip up to Scotland, and I've got a few reviews too, so keep tuned! Here's what I'm loving this week:

Striped Jeans - I'm really loving monochrome right now, and I love the big stripes on these jeans. I may be a little late on this bandwagon, but I'd love to jump on it right now. This or a thick striped top please!
Cut Out Back Dress - Again monochrome. But in polka-dots! I love the back on this dress the most.
Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder - I ALMOST bought this the other day, but for a face powder I think this is ridiculously pricey... I guess MAC is a pricey brand. I did buy the Veronica, Daddy's Little Girl Lipstick I'll blog soon! Is it worth the money?
No7 Stay Perfect Foundation - I've used this foundation before and after thinking about where to go to after my Lush foundation runs out. I need one with full perfect coverage, and I remember this one being amazing... I'm going to get this again.
Royal Stewart Tartan Skirt - After my visit up to Scotland I've fallen in love with tartan. I have a Royal Stewart Tartan scarf, and a Purple Maclintock tartan scarf that I bought and I kind of wish I got a skirt now! I like this one.
Bowler Hat - I've seen these everywhere. All over blogs, and all over the highstreet. I found a decently priced one on eBay I want! I think I could rock a bowler hat quite well! *wink*
What's your thoughts on Tartan?
CAT xo
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  1. I have that MAC blush and it's worth the money! You get a lot of product and its essentially 3 blushes in one.

  2. That dress is so cute and i want the MAC blush so bad! xo