Wishlist #17

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all got some yummy Easter eggs and Lindt bunnies! It seems that Easter Sunday has bought Spring with it which I am so so happy about! It means I can finally get round to wearing some of my prettier lighter colours! I think the weather has definitely inspired this wishlist. That and knowing where I want to jet off to with my boyfriend this year!

Tropical Dress - I saw this dress on the mannequin in H&M on Friday and loved it! I want it as it'd be a perfect day dress or holiday dress. It's really me: colourful and has a Toucan on it :)
Denim Bralet - I found this whilst online window shopping this morning and I quite like it for the structure. It's so on trend for denim this season! I need a few denim staple pieces for my S/S 13 wardrobe and I think something like this would do nicely in there with my crazy shorts.
Floral Block Heel Shoe Boot - Today I'm wearing my spike Lita dupes and I'd quite like another pair of lairy shoe boots I can wear any time of day for any event! I love these blue floral ones because they seem like they could go with a lot
Polka Dot Shorts - I've been eyeing these up on eBay for the past month and don't know whether I should get them or not. I don't do well with white. What do you girls think???
Tie Dye Fringe Vest - I don't know what it is about this top but it's just calling out to me. This is one of those inexplicable "why do I like it" pieces. Does everyone have one of those?
Digital Floral Cap - I saw this in Company Magazine's High Street Edit along with loads of other caps! I don't know if I'd suit a cap but if I got one... It would be this one.
Has the weather bought out your brighter side in Fashion?
CAT xo
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  1. I love the tropical dress!

  2. OOh i nearly bought the tropical dress the other day, really like that collection! Love the heels too! xo


  3. The tropical dress is gorgeous! I have my eye on the similar trousers in h&m just now!

    Kirsty, xo
    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos