April: 1 - 7

This Week: I saw daffodils bloom, got a kinder easter egg (and demolished it), felt fresh faced, got a useful present, bought a few goodies, and exchanged some for something else, said bye bye ombre, was happy with my new brunette look, and FINALLY got some blog time!

I have been MIA for the last week for the fact that I haven't had no me-time for the entire week. Due to half-term chaos, sleep-overs and child-made bedroom bombs, I managed to lose my laptop in the thick of it all since Wednesday, and I've been so overwhelmed and stressed with work and things outside of work that there wasn't any time or the energy to blog. Sleep felt more important than writing a blog post and sometimes a break away helps. I'm not going to talk about it, because I don't want to be depressing but there were a few good days between! So I do apologise, but I think I'm back with lots of posts planned :)

So this week apart from being MIA, I dyed my hair! I said bye-bye to ombre hair, as I felt I'd already done it and I didn't like it as much as I did before. I realised this when I went to re-do it and then I didn't really want to, so went back to Tesco and exchanged it for a brunette colour that I knew I would love to get back to! Watch out for a review.

I also had a nice Monday with the boyfriend. We didn't see each other Easter Sunday so we decided to have it the next day. He bought me a Kinder Easter Egg, Malteaster Bunnies and... OMG... Breaking Dawn Part 2!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when he gave it to me, as he hates the Twilight Saga. Reluctantly, he watched it with me, but I think he was just happy that I was happy. So cliché but I do prefer the books.
Thursday turned out to be better when the boyfriend came over for an evening. I made dinner, we watched  TV and chilled out as I was stuck babysitting the sleep-over club. He surprised me with a big vanity case for my make-up as I had thrown a little bit of a tantrum the day before when I found out the sleep-over club had been using make-up and my nail polish. It locks too so he said I've got no reason to say they've gone near it again... He's such a sweetheart (again) with his thoughtful gifts, and he's the only reason this week was any good.
I spent today with the man as well doing our usual Sunday thing and instead of watching TV again, we went out to watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation which was really good! I do love my action films!

Describe your week in one word! Mine was: Bearable.

CAT xo
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