April: 15 - 21

This Week: I ate LOTS of Jaffa Cakes, got Editor's Choice on WIWT, bought some things I have to now return (boo!), had minnie mouse inspired nails, wore a pretty top, and took outfit post photos!

This weekend was such a lovely weekend. With the sun out most of both days I spent most of my two days off outside, just enjoying the sun and relaxing. I spent Saturday with my work girls, watching bridesmaids, eating lots of junk food and chatting until  almost 2am! It was a lovely girly night in as I hadn't had one for as long as I can remember so it was really nice to have time outside of work chilling out. I also spent today's beautiful day with my man relaxing before tomorrow's first day back at work after a lovely weekend. It was a shame the wind picked up mid-afternoon, because I really fancied the pub garden scene... so instead we spent our day indoors, chatting and watching our favourite TV shows. The next sunny Sunday we're going to go to a pub garden to enjoy the weather and have a little drink!

I've recently joined WIWT and I'd love to follow a few of you lovely fashionistas! So if you have a WIWT page, leave me your username below as I'd love to follow some of my readers and fellow bloggers! I'd love it if you checked mine out too: whatcatwore! Have a lovely week ahead!

CAT xo
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  1. Oh my I love Jaffa cakes! Your nails look so pretty :)

    Fab post!

    I found your link on Company's website, your blog is great!

    Katie xo


    1. I know, they stopped putting them in the machine too!
      Thank you, I was messing about with it a little bit :)