April: 22 - 28

This Week: I painted my nails cartoon style, cuddled my Dolly, drank my first summer frappe, won an award at work, bought my two favourite snacks, couldn't choose, wore a pretty dress, ate a chocolate hedgehog, and some lucky charms.

Apart from feeling like death suddenly since yesterday evening, I've had a good week. With pay day Friday I treated myself to the zebra joggers (I finally chose), and started thinking about bedroom re-vamps. New wardrobe and carpet is a must, so this means IKEA! I love IKEA. I went to see Iron Man 3 last night which was really good, and I'm planning a super-awesome weekend for next week with my cousin coming over from sunny Portugal. Thorpe Park is in there for Sunday, and London's Ice Bar Saturday night possibly!

In my world of blogging, I have lots of beauty posts lined up for this week including a vs post on cream shadows and a reviews on other recent beauty buys! I'm hoping to pop in a couple of outfit posts, but if I look as awful as I do today it won't be happening!

Also, I  love blogging my variety of beauty, fashion and life posts equally, but I would love to know what posts you enjoy reading most or which you'd like to see more of on What Cat Says. Please leave a comment below letting me know, as I'd love to hear what you gals think.

Have a good week! I'm off to bed to try and make myself feel better :'( boo!

CAT xo
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  1. Super cute nail design!

    1. Isn't it? I think it's a one time nail art design! XO