April: 8 - 14

This Week: I painted my nails stripy, wore red lip tint, painted my nails neon, discovered my new favourite drink, bought things, drank tea this once, painted my nails again but prettier, made some spiky studded socks, and wore my hair bouncy.

This week I've been working my socks off, and as much as I thought my weekend was almost ruined it turned out to be pretty good! I really didn't do much this week as there's not much I can do with little monsters running loose around the house, but Friday luckily my mum helped me out by sorting out the evening to myself as I wouldn't have the evening with my boyfriend Saturday. We ended out going out for a lovely relaxing dinner and then came back home to relax some more.
Saturday I got the whole day to myself. I guess babysitting doesn't count as to yourself but in my world it does... And I don't think I have ever been that lazy in a long time. Sometimes a lazy day is needed to relax and feel normal again! And today, I spent with my boyfriend being geeks and eating chicken nuggets.

My life really doesn't get too interesting... And it depresses me a little when I write these posts. But I suppose when you've got routine what becomes different? To me, doing my nails and finding my geeky side again is new for me. I'm a little too into my Pokémon Black game at the moment and thinking of signing up for a WoW account. Yeah I said it! Mila Kunis plays it, so she makes it cool... don't judge!

I look forward to: blogging my new posts, starting my flat tummy mission and finally beating the damn Elite Four. (poké-geeks know what I talk about!)

CAT xo
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