Beauty Sleep Update

I decided that it's been a while since my beauty sleep post in February, that I would write up a progression post. In my beauty sleep post, I spoke about my goal to achieve a fresher face, lose those dark bags under my eyes and feel more awake not only for a healthier look, but for a healthier lifestyle.


Firstly, I'd like to admit that I still cannot get out of bed earlier for the life of me. Someone needs to teach me how to wake up at 7am. Please? There's so much more I could do if I could! But despite that, over the past couple of months, I have learnt that any time after midnight is not a good bedtime and I'm now able to say to myself... "You need some sleep" and actually go at a decent hour. I've been getting my 8 hours minimum since my post now, and I have noticed my mood being lifted and feeling fresher and more awake. As well as a few other positives happening, this has helped my mood a lot.

On top of learning to deal with my sleep patterns, I started using a few products I feel need a little mention.:I've been using Nivea Visage Moisturising Day Cream and Regenerating Night Cream, every day for the past few weeks only. As well as that I am using Simple's Soothing Eye Balm every night and every morning for the past month. These three products in particular have helped me get the moisture my skin needs and rejuvenate my skin and de-puff my eyes. And seriously, working these three into my skin care every day has made a noticeable difference! My dark circles are gone and my bags are gone too. My skin also feels healthier and more awake!


In conclusion: my new found sleep routine and new skin care products have definitely improved not only my skin and got rid of those awful bags and tired eyes, but my mood has improved and I've been thinking more clearly. Of course, I've had some other things help improve my mood and sort out my messy head, like things falling into place, finding my organisation, and mostly having some amazing quality time with boyfriend. I think that just the fusion of all these and having the drive to do something about it, have helped me be a Happy Cat again!

I really recommend these three products I've mentions as they've really worked for me. And more so I recommend getting in your 8 hours sleep, as a littler sleep does you wonders!
Now all I need to do is to learn to wake up a littler earlier!
For now... Goodnight! XO

CAT xo
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