Wishlist #18

This week I haven't got much on my wishlist, but that's only because I'm seeing a lot I like around but it's a case of I love Spring/Summer fashion. These are just high on my wishlist this week :)

Bleach Acid MOM Jeans - I have loved these jeans since they hit the stores. I have a picture of my mum looking super coool in the early 90s wearing a baseball sweater, high tops and a pair of jeans that look just like these... My mum had cool hair too so she looked awesome... And now I just want a pair that look just like them, and these do! WANT ♥
Lita Platform Boot in Lilac - I may have a small obbsession with Lilac as a colour. I want everything in lilac, including a pair of disco pants I saw on missguided.co.uk but these Lita's are TO DIE FOR. I actually need them in my life. No lies.
Black Lace Overlay Dress - I tried this dress on the other day and the style is so pretty and it fits so well! I really love it and want it for work so I think I might have to get it :)
Casio Gold Plated Watch - I've been told off a few times for never knowing the time at work and to get a watch even if it's a cheap £1 one... But I can't just get a cheap watch... If I'm going to get something to sit on my wrist all day long I'm going to want it. And I've been wanting this pretty thing for a while... I love the classic retro look, and it's colour. It's perfect... And useful!
Thomas Sabo Turtle & Lovebirds Charms - I've had my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet a couple of months now, and I love it! I finally got round to seeing what other charms were available for it online and I found these two I liked in particular. They have symbolic meaning to me, so I'd love to have these clipped on to my bracelet any day :)
I need more lilac in my life. It's such a pretty colour.
What colour are you loving at the moment?
CAT xo
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  1. I really wanted those Mom jeans but they were super tight at the ankles which made them hard to put on :( I love that black dress, it's so pretty.

  2. that a lovely dress, reminds me of a playsuit in UO ahh i need it xx

  3. Ah the Litas are sweet! xo