Wishlist #20

I think my all-time favourite wishlist since wishlist #4! I'm loving things a little brighter, whiter and lilac...-er this week. I think my summery taste has finally set in! I always seem to love Spring/Summer product more than Autumn Winter, I think it's more versatile, you can just pop a winter cardigan over it for Autumn/Winter and it's prettier in general. Would you agree?

DOMBAS Wardrobe - I've finally decided that my room needs a make-over. My drawers are falling apart, a new carpet is long over-due and I think a new wardrobe is just a must at this stage! I love this white one from IKEA!
Lilac & White Polka-Dot Satchel - Saw this pretty thing the other day when I clicked on the Zatchel's 2 Year Birthday link on their Facebook Page! I wish I got one because everything was half price until midnight that day and it would of been lovely to get this for SO cheap! Gutted.
Ethnic Elephant Midi Dress - I think I finally fell in love with the midi dress. I've seen so many different ways to wear it I want one in all sorts of prints!
Leopard Print Sun Top - I tried a dress on in this print and I loved the colours and the print. But not the dress itself... I was a bit gutted until I saw that they did a pretty sun top in the fabric that you could wear with a cute pair of high waisted shorts maybe? *hehe*
Lime Yoke Stripe Tee - I've been eyeing this top up at work everytime I walk past it... I wonder when I will finally see if I like it on...
Benefit Fake Up - I've heard wonderful things about this concealer... And I see the words hydrating and crease-control. I like this! Someone buy it for me please!?
Peep Toe Platform Wedge, Mint Suede - OH! Lime. Mint. Pretty platform. Shoe. WANT!
Lilac Acid Joni Jeans - Lilac love phase continues... In jeans. I need these in my life!!!! Buying the black ones tomorrow.
CAT xo
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  1. I've got that Dombas wardrobe haha. I want those purple jeans so badly! Obsessed with lilac atm x


    1. Oh yeah? Is it good!?
      You and me both with the lilac! I need these too! XO

  2. i'm so desperate to try fake it up too! so impressed with every other bit of benefit, so i don't see how this couldn't be good! x

    1. I've not tried many benefit pieces but I should. I only hear good things! XO

  3. The polka dot Zatchel is to die for! And I really want to try Fake Up too! Great post! x


    1. I wish I'd bought it the day they had 50% off everything! XO